Biology: The Core, 3rd Edition Eric J. Simon, ©2020 Test bank

You are currently viewing Biology: The Core, 3rd Edition Eric J. Simon, ©2020 Test bank
Biology: The Core, 3rd Edition Eric J. Simon, ©2020 Test bank

 Biology: The Core, 3rd Edition Eric J. Simon, ©2020 Test bank 

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  • ISBN-10: 0134891511
  • ISBN-13: 978-0134891514
  • Author: Eric J. Simon
  • Publisher: Pearson; 3 edition 

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Table of Contents

1. An introduction to the Science of Life

2. The Chemistry of Life

3. The Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life

4. Energy and Life

5. Chromosomes and Inheritance

6. DNA: Molecule of Life

7. Darwinian Evolution

8. Biodiversity 1: Microscopic Organisms

9. Biodiversity 2: Fungi and Plants

10. Biodiversity 3: Animals

11. Human Body Systems

12. Ecology



Eric Simon’s Biology: The Core presents essential biological concepts, using a unique visual and hybrid approach. The succinct 12-chapter textbook uses dynamic figures and illustrations organized into concise, self-contained 2-page modules that focus students’ attention to what is most relevant.  

Biology: The Core pairs with Mastering Biology to offer extensive assignment options and support materials that provide instructors with maximum flexibility. For every concept in the text, Mastering Biology provides assignments and activities instructors can use to layer detail and tailor content to their course and the way they teach, including new Guided Video Tours of key modules and new Coaching Activities on scientific literacy—all developed by author Eric Simon. Instructors can engage students in current issues and easily build active and relevant lectures with the unique set of “Current Topic” instructor resources that Biology: The Core offers, including Current Topic PowerPoint lectures, Mastering assignments, instructor topic guides, and Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules. Ready-to-Go Teaching Modules offer the best classroom tested activities and recommended assignments that the Biology: The Core, Mastering Biology, and Learning Catalytics have to offer.



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Biology : The Core, 3rd Edition Eric J. Simon, © 2020 Test bank

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